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Are you tired of boring servers where you have nothing to do, exept leveling?
Are you tired of servers where updates its like christmas miracles? And admin staff not interested of the server community?
Then, welcome to our legendary LEGION squad.
Interesting and unique story line, unique locations with ours own sound accompaniment
More than 100 new quests, more than 150 new monsters/creatures, brand new items.
100% balanced classes. new cool and interesing costums!
New battlegrounds and dungeons. New world map.
You bored to lose yourself in a new annoying quests? Dont want to search sites just because you cant understand some quest?
We have a working ingame navigation and quest window
Stop playing annoying Ragnarok! Lets play on a real, unique, quality server.
Constant updates, events and more on a brand new Legion server.
Check it right now!
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